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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is comparable to car insurance because it gives you the same financial protection for injuries or damages incurred while riding your motorcycle. Standard motorcycle insurance policies include liability insurance, which gives a payout for any injuries you cause to others while riding, but it may also cover your own bike and injuries. There are also policies for people who have more than one motorcycle.

Your motorcycle insurance may not fully cover you if you ride a different bike while traveling, out of the country or when borrowing one from a friend. Usually, your liability insurance will follow you and act as either primary or secondary coverage if you’re involved in an accident.

In America, it is illegal to ride without insurance. Allowing your motorcycle insurance policy to auto-renew is frequently the easiest way for you to over-pay. Loyalty is not always rewarded when it comes to insurance.

At The Luna Agency, we understand that your motorcycle is important to you. We take special care to give customized service so that you can select the packages that suit your unique needs. You can always count on us to provide professional and experienced service whenever you need us.

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