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Homeowners Insurance

At The Lunar Agency, we know that nobody hopes that their house will be destroyed or dilapidated. However, we live in a world where unexpected occurrences happen. Hence, the need for homeowners’ insurance. This is a form of property insurance policy that covers private residences. Homeowners’ insurance policies generally cover destruction and damage to a house’s interior and exterior, the loss or theft of possessions, and personal liability for harm to others. If your house is damaged due to fire, vandalization, etc, we provide insurance services to compensate you for the loss.

Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

However, the standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover earthquakes, flooding due to natural rising water, maintenance issues, nuclear hazards, and general wear and tear. In addition, homeowners’ insurance policies are generally “package policies.” This means that the coverage includes not only damage to your property, but also your liability, that is, legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage to others caused by you or members of your family.

Many people do not have enough funds to restore or repair all their lost or damaged possessions.

Homeowner Insurance Policy in Lawrenceville GA

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The Lunar Insurance Agency Lawrenceville GA

The Lunar Agency is your local company, and our team works and lives alongside you. This gives us a unique perspective and a greater ability to help because we know firsthand the risks homes in our area may encounter. You can rely on our experienced and helpful team to understand and explain your coverage options, so you can design a package that suits your specific needs. We understand that your current residence is more than just a structural building — it is where you and your loved ones spend time together, feel safe, and call home.

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Get a home insurance policy to protect your investment.

RV Insurance services in Lawrenceville GA

RV Insurance

How does an RV policy differ from an auto policy? While there are similarities because both operate with a motor, there are distinct differences. An RV is considered a recreational vehicle, making it eligible for total loss replacement within the first five years of ownership.

Coverage amounts can also higher, and an RV insurance policy covers you on the road, campsite, and full-time coverage usage, which can be suspended if the RV is in storage for specific periods. You can’t do that with an automobile.

The Luna Agency will help you understand these differences to get the right insurance coverage. Each state has specific insurance requirements, with our years of experience we can give you expert advice on which coverage is best for your RV. Get your coverage today!

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You might not be aware of this information, but it is possible to get insurance protection and coverage for your apartment in case of an emergency or distress. Renters’ insurance is a provision, and a subset under property insurance protects a policyholder’s personal belongings in case of a loss. This insurance scheme covers the tenants’ property within a rental. Although it is often confused with rental property insurance, a provision for property owners against perils, renter’s insurance has its peculiar features that serve the tenants’ needs.

Rental Insurance services in Lawrenceville GA

Insurance Services in Lawrenceville GA

Rental Insurance Policy in Lawrenceville GA

The rental insurance policy covers the likelihood of liability as in a case of negligence. Renters are expected to pay for damage and possible medical bills as a result of said damage. However, this insurance scheme covers such costs. Furthermore, most policies offer protection for a tenant’s property in case of accidents, such as power surges, burglary, fire, theft, water damage, or several other possible damages. It is therefore essential to note that the policies incorporated in renter’s insurance only cover specific properties. Nonetheless, there is a provision for add-ons in your plans to cover important items and those that might be expensive to replace.

In most cases, this insurance service also covers expenses incurred during a loss of use of a rented apartment or property, especially due to unforeseen circumstances.

Before getting your rental insurance, you look for established insurance companies, rating and certification, proximity, and due diligence.

We’ve got this all covered. Contact us today to get started on your plans.

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Home Insurance Policy in Lawrenceville GA

At The Luna Agency, our aim as your insurers is to help you secure the things and people you hold dear, among which is your home. We recognize shelter as a basic need, and we prioritize your security, comfort, and interests. This is why we’ll spare nothing to get you a excellent home insurance policy that suits your peculiarities and secures you effectively.

We find fulfillment in offering you security. Contact us for your consultation and quotes today.

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