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Auto insurance will protect you from a destructive and costly situation. If an accident is covered, the insured driver can get help with paying for repairs, medical bills, legal defense costs, etc. A car insurance policy gives financial protection to both parties if there is an accident.

Auto Insurance services in Lawrenceville GA

Things you should know about car insurance

It is essential to understand some things about a auto insurance policy. A few things to know are:

  • Coverage
  • State laws and rules
  • Discounts
  • Claims

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RV Insurance

How does an RV policy differ from an auto policy? While there are similarities because both operate with a motor, there are distinct differences. An RV is considered a recreational vehicle, making it eligible for total loss replacement within the first five years of ownership.

Coverage amounts can also higher, and an RV insurance policy covers you on the road, campsite, and full-time coverage usage, which can be suspended if the RV is in storage for specific periods. You can’t do that with an automobile.

The Luna Agency will help you understand these differences to get the right insurance coverage. Each state has specific insurance requirements, with our years of experience we can give you expert advice on which coverage is best for your RV. Get your RV insurance coverage in Lawrenceville GA today!

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RV Insurance services in Lawrenceville GA

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Travel Trailer Insurance Services Lawrenceville GA

Travel Trailer Insurance

While you tow a travel trailer with your car — and may have the comforts of home — that doesn’t mean your auto or home policies provide the coverage you want.

Generally, your car insurance coverage will extend to your trailer. However, this typically only applies to liability coverage. Call The Luna Agency today to go over you current policy of Travel Trailer Insurance in Lawrenceville GA.

Motorcycle Insurance

Do you have a sports bike, motorcycle, Moped, or cruiser? Generally speaking, Motorcycle insurance is cheaper than car insurance. There are exceptions though, depending on the state that you live in and the value of the bike you ride.

Motorcycles are a fun way to get around, but they are also riskier to driver than cars. If you get in an accident there is nothing to stop the car from hitting you as the rider. Having the right insurance coverage when you need it the most can make all the difference.

At The Luna Agency we take the time to collect all your information to make sure you have the best Motorcycle insurance coverage available. We are dedicated to keeping you and your Motorcycle safe.

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Motorcycle Insurance services in Lawrenceville GA

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Worried you’ll run into losses from auto liabilities? Our auto insurance packages can change the narrative!

As an outstanding insurance agency rooted in empathy and service, we observe the due diligence to gather and analyze your records. We do this to capture your needs and how our insurance strategies can meet those needs. Our auto insurance services cover hotshot trucking, commercial trucking, commercial auto, errors & omissions, general liability, and cargo insurance among others.

Beyond proceeding solutions, we are keen on providing feasible and affordable solutions for our clients. You need not break the bank to engage our services. Simply reach out today to get a consultation and a quote.

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